We supply quality to our customers’ needs
We supply quality lifting gear, steel wire ropes, fibre ropes, hoists, cranes and related equipment for the industry, marine and offshore sector to the aim that we wish to meet our customers’ full needs. We focus on our customers and in this way we closely follow the development in our markets. This means that we constantly are up-dated as to legislation within the area in question and that our skilled employees are able to guide our customers. As a company with our knowlege we feel a responsibility to advice our customers about safety when lifting and handling goods.  In continuation hereof we  also offer “Safe lifting” seminars. Besides the product groups and services we offer test of lifting gear and cranes which in fact makes us capable of supplying a complete package to the customer. This means that our customer can spend the time in a more effective manner through optimization of its core forces. From the above it is obvious that we will continue to be among the leading, serious and competitive suppliers on the market which is the reason why we focus on continuous optimization and development of the company.