Knowledge increases the safety
As part of our service we offer seminars in correct handling and use of lifting gear, fibre and steel wire ropes. Correct lifting and employment of the correct gear increases the safety and in that way the job satisfaction. Accidents with subsequent injuries and sickness days cost every year companies as well as the entire society enormously amounts. Continuous education will no doubt reduce economic and also human damages and in addition give the user the necessary selfconfidence and security in his choice of correct lifting gear or cordage for a certain job. At the seminars we employ professional presentation material, among others in PowerPoint.

Safe Lifting Seminar
Gives a thorough information on different types of lifting gear and ways of lifting:

  • how they are constructed
  • how they should be used in a safe and operational way.
  • Gives the necessary information of the Danish Working Environment Service’s protocolin the area and information of the Working Environment Act’s and the directive of the machinery’s protocol concerning ways of lifting and lifting means.
  • Gives a thorough study of safety regulations through lifting, norms, loading and control.
  • The seminar in safe lifting is typically a full-time or part-time arrangement.
  • Seminar folder in a ring binder is included in the price for full-time seminars.