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Are you tired of hauling the webbing through the ratchet on your lashing? Are you tired of lashing eyes constantly falling of on the opposite side? Are you tired of lashing webbings that are like a lump of spaghetti and you have often thought that there must be an easier way? So have we! Therefore, we have been looking forward to introduce you to our new Ergolash products for lashing of cargo.
Ergolash products combine ergonomics, efficiency, safety and innovation.

Products from Ergolash

Ergolash Basic

Ergolash – lashing is an evolution of the existing two-piece lashing. It consists of a ratchet with webbing and the hook of 0.5 meters and a long webbing of 9.5 mtr.
The lashing is fitted with a special patented shaft, “easy mount ” that is “shared”, which means that one should not pull the long webbing through a closed shaft. The simple installation saves time.

Ergolash Magnet

Efficient installation of lashing often require several people. You need hands to fix the lashing eye on one side of the vehicle, and a set of hands to mount and clamp on the other side.
The Ergolash magnet ensures that the fixation of the hook is done automatically and thereby an operator can perform the task independently.

Ergolash Roller

Winding up of the webbing is important in terms of having optimal conditions the next time the webbing is in use. This could previously be a time consuming task which is now done quickly and efficiently.

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