OL 3000 A intensifier
Crane overload safety – apply special for control of crane overload. Have 2-relay output for overload safeties. Can be delivered whit 4-20mA outputs or 0-2V who can be applied for summation of two OL 3000A.

OL 3000 C sum
The sum-edition applies together whit two OL 3 summation. For example between two cranes. relay point function for each OL 3000 and 2 relay outputs from OL 3000 C SUM. Can also be delivered with 4-20mA outputs

Wire transmits for overload safety, weighing and control measuring
Our wire transmits are developed special for crane overload safety, but they can also with profitably be applied for indication of weigh be application of display. Weighing accuracy depends on the type of weighing

It is easy and quick to install – even under difficult conditions because it have a low own weight. The wire transmit can also be delivered with a
electronic box with two outputs, mount on the transmit.

Wire transmits WT1 for firm wire part
For wire Ø = 6 – 15 mm.
Measure in mm. H X B = 100 x 65

Wire transmits WT2 for firm wire part
For wire Ø = 14 – 28 mm.
Measure in mm. H X B = 150 x 88

Data sheet

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