Via LudwigHook®s radio-controlled decoupling feature, you no longer need to uncouple the burden manually, which increases both efficiency and safety.

With a weight of only 2.8 kg and a compact design, each hook has a WLL of 2T, making LudwigHook® the ideal tool for decoupling and handling of loads in several industries.

Via the included radio control, the hook can opened – and the burden is released. This happens of course first, when there is no load on the hook. LudwigHook® is always supplied complete in a strong box with charger for both hook and remote control. The hook supplied individually or in sets of two or four hooks.

Examples of applications:
– Managing personnel carriers and pavilions.
– Lifting, handling and assembly of steel -and wooden rafters.
– Handling of building elements.
– Lift and assembly of high steel structures.
– Reading of goods on leave.
– Handling of heavy elements in a production flow.

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