Costum-made solutions

The optimum solution for your lifting equipment needs are not necessarily in a catalog. In several cases, the user of the lifting equipment is the right to design it. This is why, we at Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S offer custom made solutions on a wide range of our products in collaboration with our customers. Our production is very flexible and based on a “job to job” principle in order to be able to fulfil short development phase, fast and efficient production and competitive prices.

Our in-house production increases our competitiveness significantly but at the same time ensure that our values are carried through the entire value chain with a view to short response times and agreed deliveries.

Rigging Workshop
We have one of country’s most modern and flexible rigging workshops. We make small and large series of different solutions in both ropes and steel wire. The combination is almost endless.

Chain slings
Chain slings is a  assembled with selected components which gives exactly the right chain sling for the lifting task. They made in all our rigging workshop in Denmark as well as our service vans. We can produce chain slings for every conceivable lifting need, which gives you the optimal end product according to your needs.

In-house production
As one of the few in the industry we have our own factory named LEHAKA in Aalborg. It gives us a great advantage in relation to designing and producing quality lifting equipment to our customers needs. LEHAKA produces a variety of our standard products and is also a partner in the development and production og lifting yokes and jib cranes.

Sewing workshop
Textiles is used to an even greater degree in lifting than before. We have a large standard program of both slings and lashing. In selected cases, there is a need for a special solution. This is why we have our own sewing workshop that can produce any special solution for every conceivable purpose.

“I like all the challenges the clients bring”Susanne, employee at the sewing workshop