Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S has since 1969 been engaged in the sale, manufacturering and inspection of lifting gear and is today the market leader in providing these services. Today we have 20 well-equipped test and service vehicles that operate throughout Denmark from our offices around the country.

We have more than 15 years specialized in the inspection and testing of all types of lifting equipment. This test is always carried out according to current AT- orders , AT messages and AT instructions.

Visual inspection
All types of cranes and lifting equipment has through our service management system EasyCert their own individual inspection procedure. The inspectionprocedures ensures that you always comply with applicable laws and regulations. After a visual inspection there will be issued individual certificates and you can see the current inspection procedure undergone step-by-step on every single crane or every piece of lifting equipment. Read more about our documentation when we preform test and service.

Magnetic Crack Test
All chainsets inspected in the test vehicles is inspected for cracks and other damage by using a permanently installed equipment Magnetic Crack Test, this also applies to spare parts, hooks, oval rings and the like.
Lifting beams, pallet forks etc. is checked for cracks and other damage with a portable magnetoflux crack equipment, all of test vehicles is equipped with this.



Load testing
All types of lifting clamps is visually inspected for wear and deformation and test loaded with WLL + 25% with the installed testing equipment.
Lever – and chain hoists is tested and load tested in the vehicles. If repairs are needed, we can do it at our central repair workshop in Odense.

Fall Protection Equipment
All test vehicles has authorized personnel to perform the annual inspection of fall protection harnesses , belts, wires and shock absorbers according to DS-EN 365.



Both cranes and lifting equipment is marked with our unique marking system. The markings is printed directly from our service system EasyCert and contains the date of the last inspection, the date of the next inspection, our unique identity can contain your unique ID number. The back also includes a QR code that easily gives our installer access to the history of the equipment.

There are products where our label is not possible to attach. These products will be provided with strips where the unique identification number is stated.