Overview of all your lifting equipment 
EasyCert is your online portal where you via your own username / password can get a full overview of all your lifting equipment. Each piece of equipment is registered in connection with the performed inspections and has its own individual “data card” with all relevant information such as type, model, WLL, ID no., supplier etc.



Your certificates 24-7-365
When your equipment is checked everything will be marked with an individual ID numbers. 24-7-365 you will via EasyCert be able to enter the ID and find the product information and associated certificate.

EasyCert is a “free service” offered to all customers at Fyns Kran Udstyr A/S. What was previously reserved for a select few customers is now available to all – we do not assess the safety in “smaller” customers are less “important”.

Warning lights 
Via simple color coding you will quickly get an overview of your equipment including what is due for an inspection within the next 3 months. 



More than a multi-search tool
EasyCert is a multi-search tool which provides numerous opportunities for direct searches for specific tools/certificates or options to sort by either type, brand, lifting capacity etc. The system is simple and you do not need to have any physical papers lying in folders in case of inspectors or other authorities come to visit. The system has built-in possibility for modification. The fields department (branch), Location (location) caters to our clients own wishes. For example “Production dept.” – “Area 1”. This will define and show just the equipment located at the respective locations, wich you as the user can modify through your login.

Simple ”pull” and ”input”
It is essential for us that EasyCert is not a binding factor. We are aware that lifting equipment also is sold by our competitors. That why we help you with uploading equipment purchased from our competitors. This allows the individual user ti upload individual certificates of the purchased equipment.


Similarly it is easy to “export” all its data into Excel as well as downloading certificates when you desire it.

My future inspections


You will always be able to document that you have booked your inspection by us and even continuously monitor the status of these.

Book what you need

Bestil en montør

You can book our staff for a “rush-callout” or ordinary servicing directly through EasyCert.

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